Place de Bastille

090914-place-de-la-bastilleMy first day in Paris was fantastic in many ways, but the entire day was underscored by the kindness and generosity of Le Nouvel Attila. They’ve arranged for me to stay in a hotel not far from Place de Bastille (pictured to the right), a delightful neighborhood filled with cafes, bookstores and music stores. I took a long walk yesterday afternoon and then met Benoît Virot, Publisher of Le Nouvel Attila, for a late dinner at Chez Paul.

Over dinner,  Benoît presented me with a copy of Comment Élever Votre Volkswagen. It was the first time that I’d seen the book in person, and I was stunned by the physical object – the design of the book is striking, the illustrations even more beautiful than the digital images I’d seen online.


I tried my best to convey my appreciation to Benoît for everything – for taking such care with the production of the novel, and for selecting me as the first American writer that Le Nouvel Attila has ever brought to France.


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