091414-cb-and-gb-2One of the best aspects of this trip has been the chance to experience it with my father, Gerard. Not only are we very close, but the book is dedicated to him and inspired in part by our relationship. Were it not for the sacrifices he made for me and my brother, furthermore, I wouldn’t have a writing career at all.

When my wife decided to forgo the trip to Paris so she could stay home with our children, I immediately asked my Dad if he’d join me instead. A fluent French speaker, he jumped at the invitation. As near as I can tell, he enjoyed every minute of the trip: our lunch together Friday on the Rue de Paris, taking walks through the public market in Vincennes every morning, meeting for a beer at the Café de la Mairie on Sunday afternoon, and so many other great moments. He was even asked to sign a copy of the book!


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